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NEW Episode 10: How’d We Do

Teaser: On the final episode in season one of Hotwash, Trudy and Christine demonstrate how to facilitate a hotwash.

NEW Episode 9: Vulnerable Population Planning 

This week on Episode 9 of Hotwash, Trudy and Christine talk vulnerable population planning, discuss why it’s important, and provide some best practices for our listeners.

Hotwash Episode 9 Transcript

Episode 8: Emergency Management in a Public Health Emergency

We’ve discussed the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of public health, behavioral health, and recovery, but we thought it would be interesting to look at it specifically through the lens of emergency management. We’re joined by Preeti Emrick, a former CHHS staffer, who is currently the Deputy Director of Anne Arundel County’s Office of Emergency Management.

Hotwash Episode 8 Transcript

Episode 7: Covering the Recovery

Today on episode seven of Hotwash, we’re talking to Lisa Crow, CHHS’ Recovery Planning Program Director. We’re very lucky to have Lisa on, because she is a nationally renowned recovery expert. She is a “forged in the fire” recovery expert: she coordinated Howard County, Maryland’s post-disaster recovery efforts following both the 2016 and 2018 Historic Ellicott City Floods, and she’s here to talk to us today about recovery planning in the time of COVID-19.

Hotwash Episode 7 Transcript

Episode 6: The Mind Matters

Today on episode six of Hotwash, we’re talking to Nicole Regino, Senior Law & Policy Analyst who has worked extensively on planning for mental and behavioral health issues for disasters.

Hotwash Episode 6 Transcript

Episode 5: Dispatches from the Front Lines

We’re joined today by Hassan Sheikh, senior pharmacy law and policy lead, who currently works at Baltimore City Health Department. We’re talking about the downstream impacts of COVID-19 on public health.

Hotwash Episode 5 Transcript

Episode 4: Talk to Me Like I’m Ten

Today on episode four of Hotwash, we’re switching it up a bit for a game show edition, where Megan Timmins, CHHS’ Associate Director, helps us learn Emergency Management and Public Health Preparedness terms.

Hotwash Episode 4 Transcript

Episode 3: WHO’s on First

In this episode, Christine and Trudy talk to about the World Health Organization in context of COVID-19. Note: Shortly after this episode wrapped, Florida and Georgia issued executive orders.

Hotwash 3 Transcript

Episode 2: How Governors Used Executive Orders to Respond to COVID-19

In this episode, Christine and Trudy talk to Maggie Davis, Senior Law & Policy Analyst, about the extraordinary measures governors are taking to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in the U.S., including some of the ways states are addressing their own unique concerns.

Note: Shortly after this episode wrapped, Florida and Georgia issued executive orders.

Hotwash Episode Two Transcript

Episode 1: 100 Years After the Great Molasses Flood

How bad could a flood of molasses really be? In this kickoff episode, Trudy and Christine explore some emergency management basics in context of the Great Molasses Flood.

Hotwash Episode One Transcript