Your Company’s Business Impact Analysis

CHHS Provides Business Impact Analysis Assessment and Template

Prior to developing a continuity plan, a business or public organization should complete a business impact analysis. A business impact analysis provides background for the planning effort by identifying the likely impacts of various types of disruptions to normal operations.

CHHS assessed the agency’s business impact analysis and incorporated the findings into its continuity planning for the agency.

CHHS developed a new template for the agency to conduct future business impact analyses that would allow each sector of operations to rank the impacts of interruption to operations. CHHS incorporated information provided by the agency regarding its essential functions into the template and provided a framework to rank the impact that failure to perform each essential function would have on the agency.

The template allows a business or agency to provide information on the impact on the life and safety of agency staff and state residents, the financial standing of the sector and agency as a whole, the legal standing of the agency, public relations, privacy interests of employees and the public, and future operations. The template then calculates the overall impact of an interruption in operations on the sector based on the information provided and pre-assigned standardized weights. A business or other organization may then use this data to prioritize its internal continuity planning objectives.


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