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From continuity planning to exercise and training, our wide range of services support emergency management and public health preparedness functions for government agencies, non- and for-profit organizations, institutions such as colleges and hospitals, and the private sector.

Exercise, Evaluation & Training

CHHS regularly provides, in conjunction with plan development, training for agency personnel on relevant issues. Training allows plan users to become familiar with various portions of the plan, and their roles and responsibilities therein. CHHS develops personalized exercises (a disaster scenario simulated in a low-stress, discussion based environment) to test each plan it develops. Representatives from government agencies attend these exercises to gain a better understanding of how their plans work. (CHHS walks agency personnel through a mock disaster scenario and asks what they would do at various stages of the disaster from the warning signs through recovery.) Exercises also help identify gaps in the plans, which are then captured in an after-action report, so they can be addressed prior to an actual emergency.

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Emergency Management Planning

Planning and policy development are the basis for well organized, efficient emergency responses. Whether facing an imminent man-made or natural threat, improving the flow of communications among first responders, addressing functional needs and resources, or honing continuity to maintain essential functions following a major catastrophe, CHHS can help. Establishing roles, standard operating procedures, and identifying funds and available resources are all steps your organization can take BEFORE disaster strikes.

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Public Health and Hospitals

The field of emergency management now also addresses public health threats such as pandemic flu and bioterrorism. CHHS has worked with numerous public health organizations on issues such as: medical surge planning, legal issues surrounding public health emergencies, and hospital preparedness and response.

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CHHS helps our clients navigate the burgeoning issues surrounding cybersecurity. Through development of academic coursework, consultation with government commissions, and drafting legislative proposals, CHHS has amassed a vast knowledge of the complex issues of cyber law, cyber policy, planning, training, and exercises to keep private and public clients protected and informed in this area.

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