UM Center for Health and Homeland Security Helps Local Health Department Test Medical Surge Plans

Press Release:

The exercise and training team at the Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS) spent the morning working with the Carroll County Health Department to ensure the local public health infrastructure was prepared to respond following a pandemic.  A tabletop exercise allowed Health Department officials and partner agencies to talk through a medical surge event, while assessing the various roles and responsibilities of involved parties.  Participants included local healthcare facilities, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and state and local coordinating agencies.

Tabletop exercises involve key personnel talking through simulated scenarios in a facilitated discussion.  Today’s scenario, developed by CHHS exercise and training professionals alongside Health Department planners, was a rapidly moving flu-like illness that quickly overwhelmed healthcare facilities’ capacities in the region.

The Center routinely works with hospitals and public health organizations to exercise emergency response capabilities, as well as develop and evaluate policies and procedures – helping clients build effective preparedness plans prior to an actual emergency.

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