Tabletop Exercise Furthers CHHS’ Work with Local Health Department

Press Release:

Expanding upon a workshop held in November, the Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS) today conducted a tabletop exercise for the Prince George’s County Health Department. The Mass Fatality Management Tabletop brought together local and state officials, healthcare facilities, first responders, and coordinating agencies to walk through a mass fatality scenario at the county’s Emergency Operations Center.

While the earlier workshop addressed areas of improvement that could be made to the County’s Mass Fatality Management Plan, the tabletop will take the plan to the next level by simulating high level decision-making that would occur during a real-world pandemic or health related disaster. Through a year-long contract, CHHS is supporting the county’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program, including providing a full-time analyst and a series of preparedness exercises.

The Center routinely exercises public health disaster response for hospitals and public health organizations, as well as develops and evaluates preparedness policies and procedures – helping clients build effective operational plans prior to real-world emergencies.

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