Students take part in CHHS-led discussion on counter-terrorism

January 29th, 2010

On January 16, 2010, CHHS Senior Law & Policy Analysts Robin Clark and Mike Vesely offered their expertise on terrorism and counter-terrorism for students participating in the Lancaster County Virginia Education Foundation academic forum.

James M. Alga, CPA, the forum chair, sent CHHS Director Michael Greenberger a letter following the event praising both Mike and Robin for their outstanding contributions to the students’ overall learning experience. Alga wrote, "The students really responded positively to Robin Clark’s presentation on the Patriot Act and the 4th Amendment … [and] Mike Vesely was very knowledgeable in answering student questions while they were working through one of Robin’s table exercises."

The event was covered by the Rappahannock Record, and the article featured a picture of Mike leading students in one of the table discussions.

You can find out more about the Lancaster Education Foundation online at

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