Senior Crisis Management Seminars – Summer 2013

Traveling around the world these past few months, the CHHS Exercise and Training team continued our work with the U.S. Department of State Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance to tailor Senior Crisis Management Seminars to the needs of five countries. In late May, CHHS Senior Policy Analyst Vernon Herron traveled to Jordan to meet with a group of senior executives representing Yemen’s police and military. The five day training utilized practical exercises, allowing participants to review case studies of actual terrorist events to identify gaps and discuss proper procedures, including the use of the Incident Command System, for future possible attacks in Yemen. Mr. Herron and Senior Law and Policy Analyst Michael Vesely traveled to Ecuador in mid-September for a similar training.

CHHS also recently hosted Malaysia, Turkey, and Kenya in College Park, Md. Participants, mostly police officials, spent their week learning about response to crisis through subject matter expert presentations and panel discussions, and culminated their visit with a capstone exercise simulating a scenario in their respective countries. Experts from CHHS included Mr. Herron, who also facilitated the events, Mr. Vesely who spoke on Concepts, Principles, and Tools for Effective Crisis Management Planning, and Skip Mahan who discussed Incident Management Teams.

This text is taken from the CHHS Fall 2013 Newsletter

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