Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program Educational Workshop

The Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP) project leaders are hosting a workshop to inform and solicit feedback from state and local personnel in the Commonwealth of Virginia concerning key outcomes and deliverables of the RCPGP projects. The RCPGP is a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant program developed to focus on "low probability, high impact" events. The RCPGP is intended to support coordination of regional all-hazard planning for catastrophic events, including the development of integrated planning communities, plans, protocols, and procedures to manage a catastrophic event.

Several CHHS staff will be headed down to Charlottesville, Va to present at the educational workshop. Senior Law & Policy Analyst Amy Major and Law & Policy Analyst Elizabeth Webster will lead the discussion on resource management and Senior Law and Policy Analyst Ellen Cornelius will be there discussing supply chain issues in the event of a catastrophic event. For more information or to register e-mail

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