Montgomery County Functional Exercise 2010: Hurricane Zoe

The CHHS Exercise and Training team led by Christina Crue designed, planned, and executed a functional exercise for Montgomery County, Maryland in April 2010. The exercise scenario was based on a Category 3 hurricane ravaging Maryland.

The functional exercise began with a conference call briefing on each of the days leading up to the actual day-long exercise on Thursday, April 8 to simulate Montgomery County’s actual process of preparing for a severe storm. During these conference calls, the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEMHS) provided weather briefings and recommendations to prepare county agencies for the worst.

The exercise itself dealt with the aftermath of the hurricane and the damage the hurricane left in its wake, including a dam breach, extensive power outages, flooding, and road closures. All participating county agencies responded realistically and performed skillfully. CHHS staff was pleased with the exercise and feels confident that Montgomery County is well prepared for a storm as severe as the fictional Hurricane Zoe.

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