MD Presidential Inauguration Planning

CHHS Supports Maryland 
in Presidential Inauguration Planning

Senior Policy Analyst Amanda
Faul and Law & Policy Analyst Daniel Goodman served as the
lead planners for the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. During the planning process, they led weekly planning meetings, attended federal and regional planning meetings and workshops, held a Maryland Inauguration Planning Workshop, and created a Concept of Operations Plan for the State of Maryland.

In order to aid multi-jurisdictional coordination and consequence management during the Inauguration, the State of Maryland staged a Multi-Agency Coordination Center (referred to as the MD-MACC) in the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The MD-MACC was created in the Concept of Operations Plan and Ms. Faul and Mr. Goodman served as
the situation officer and the liaison officer, respectively. The MD-MACC allowed for greater coordination between Maryland National Capital Region jurisdictions and the State during the Inauguration by having jurisdictional and state representatives conduct situational monitoring from the same physical location. A Unified Coordination Group, which consisted of a senior emergency management official from the State of Maryland, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and Frederick County, led the MD-MACC; each official had delegated authority to make decisions for their respective jurisdictions.

The MD-MACC housed planning and support staff responsible for maintaining situational awareness of inauguration activities, and distribution of situation reports to stakeholders. The MD-MACC helped Maryland maintain situational awareness of inauguration activities and operations in Virginia and the District of Columbia through the deployment of liaisons to regional and federal MACCs and EOCs. The CHHS staff members are also writing the Maryland After-Action Report for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

This text was taken from the Spring & Summer 2013 Newsletter.

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