MD Natural Resources MLEIN Exercise

MD Natural Resources Police Test Port Security Technology

CHHS culminated a project with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Resource Police (NRP) this past fall through a full-scale exercise to assess their Maritime Law Enforcement Information Network(MLEIN). MLEIN is a port security technology that brings water patrol into the 21st century.

The NRP sought out CHHS to develop a test of the system that would demonstrate interoperability among partners during a planned event, while evaluating MLEIN’s ability to enhance situational awareness and interdict unlawful activities on Maryland’s waterways. The exercise also examined how stakeholders access and receive information, and can deploy resources using the MLEIN system.

Allied partners, including the U.S. Coast Guard and local county agencies that frequently support Maryland waterway emergency response, gathered at Sandy Point State Park on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay on October 15, 2013, for the exercise. Following instructions from CHHS’ controllers, participants practiced setting up command and control for a mock maritime event and interdicting prohibited vessels or those exceeding speed limits within a designated parameter around the Bay Bridge. CHHS evaluators observed the actions of those involved throughout the day to provide feedback on whether exercise objectives and core capabilities were met.

Moving forward, NRP will have a clearer picture of MLEIN’s potential for use in a real-world emergency or planned event.

This text was taken from the CHHS Spring 2014 Newsletter.

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