Mass Fatality Exercise in Prince George’s County

Through a year-long contract with the Prince George’s County Health Department, CHHS Law and Policy Analyst Christine Gentry is supporting exercise and training for the County’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program. As part of this program, Gentry conducted a Mass Fatality tabletop on December 19, 2014, at the County’s Emergency Operations Center, and included local and state health officials, healthcare facilities, and first responders.

The tabletop exercise expanded upon a workshop held the month before, which addressed areas of improvement for the County’s Mass Fatality Management Plan. Using the plan to guide high level decision-making, the tabletop allowed officials to simulate steps that would be taken during a pandemic causing high rates of mortality. Considerations included responsibilities by agency for tracking and transportation of the deceased, coordination of resources, and potential locations within the region that could be designated ahead of a real-life public health disaster for storage and burial.

This text is taken from the CHHS Spring 2015 Newsletter

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