Local MD Emergency Operation Center Activations – Winter 2014

EOC Activations Spur CHHS Staff into Action

The 2013-14 winter season dealt parts of Maryland more snow in just the first few storms than the entire previous winter. As ice and snow caused travel headaches and power outages, and an active-shooter event impacted a local shopping mall, CHHS staffers who work directly with local and state emergency management agencies supported several Emergency Operation Center (EOC) activations this winter.

In the city of  Annapolis, Md., CHHS Senior Law and Policy Analyst David Mandell, in his role as a Senior Planner with the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management, worked through multiple activations and a couple near misses due to weather. Snow accumulation for a single storm reached more than it had in several years, closing government offices for non-essential personnel. Mandell assisted with the coordination of the City’s response, activation of the Annapolis Call Center for non-emergencies, and also served as a Public Information Officer to keep the media and public informed.

CHHS staff working out of the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security also saw several storms that impacted the county. GIS Specialist Matthias Miziorko not only assisted with Geographic Information Systems mapping during activations, but also served as WebEOC Controller, and provided general operations support.

Downtown Baltimore City may not have seen as much winter weather as the surrounding counties, but CHHS staffers Marissa Clark, Law and Policy Analyst, and Shannon Snyder, Policy Analyst, both served as  representatives for the City Health Department’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response during a handful of activations. In this capacity, Clark and Snyder ensured area hospitals were informed of EOC operations and assisted them with weather related issues, while monitoring dialysis patient care, the need for  emergency shelters, and also referring homeless pickup calls to the Mayor’s Office of Human Services.

In addition to supporting winter weather activations, three CHHS staffers working with the Howard County Office of Emergency Management supported EOC functions following an active shooter situation at the  Columbia Town Center Mall on January 25, 2014. Senior Policy Analyst Lisa Crow, Law and Policy Analyst  Kasia Fertala, and Senior Policy Analyst Birch Barron assisted with the County’s after action review processes at the conclusion of the activation.

This text was taken from the CHHS Spring 2014 Newsletter.

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