Howard County COOP makes strong progress

November 12th, 2009 by Eric Oddo

Under the guidance and leadership of County Executive Ken Ulman, Chief Administrative Officer Lonnie Robbins, and COOP Program Managers Lois Miller and Ryan Miller, CHHS staffers Eric Oddo and Angelique So continue to make strong progress in the development of comprehensive Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans for all Howard County, Maryland departmental agencies.

The year-long project began on October 1 with a kickoff meeting at the Howard County Government Gateway Building in Columbia, MD.  Attended by representatives from all 18 county-wide departments, Eric conducted a two-hour long “crash course” on the terminology, methodology and logistics of the COOP planning process, coupled with an overview of the deliverables that will be required from each participant in the coming weeks and months.

As of mid-November, Eric and Angelique have administered sit-down meetings with roughly half of the agencies/bureaus/divisions for which CHHS will be developing a COOP plan.  They are in the process of coordinating meetings with the remaining entities, along with analyzing and formatting the COOP data (such as essential functions, vital records, vital equipment, and alternate facilities) that has been provided to date.

Due to the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm from virtually every Howard County staff member involved in this project, Eric and Angelique are confident that each agency will have a very strong operational COOP plan in preparation for this summer’s table top exercise.

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