Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)

What we offer: Exercises

The Joint Commission standards require hospitals to evaluate the effectiveness of their Emergency Operations Plans; exercises can help your hospital meet certain elements of this requirement (EM.03.01.03).

  • Seminars: Customized scenarios developed for your facility to test your response capabilities. Experienced and certified CHHS exercise developers, controllers, and evaluators lead your staff through realistic response exercises.
  • Full-Scale Exercises: These hands-on simulated events are designed to mirror actual time and personnel needs. Experienced CHHS facilitators and evaluators will lead your staff in a directed response exercise and help you evaluate the usage of your facilities and supplies.
  • After Action Reports: CHHS will generate specific and implementable reports that highlight strengths and areas for improvement as demonstrated by your exercise. Specific recommendations are included to enhance future response.

What we offer: Training

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