Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)

What we offer: Training

CHHS designs a training package uniquely suited to meet your hospital’s needs. Flexible course scheduling, responsive staff, and competitive rates streamline your training process. Courses for clinical and non-clinical participants of any size group and skill level.

  • HICS 100: Introduces the Incident Command System (ICS) as it applies to the hospital environment and provides the foundation for higher level ICS training.
  • HICS 200: Provides training for hospital personnel assigned to supervisory positions within your organization’s incident comment structure.
  • ICS 700: Introduces the goals, key concepts, and benefits of NIMS.
  • ICS 800.B: Introduces the National Response Framework (NRF), which links planning, response, recovery and mitigation across the federal and state governments, as well as local, tribal and non-governmental actors

What we offer: Exercises

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