Helpful Resources on Zika Virus

February 4th, 2016 by Trudy Henson

On February 2, the New York Times reported that a case of Zika virus had been sexually transmitted in Texas. The first known case of its kind in the U.S., a patient was infected by someone who had traveled in Venezuela.

The new case is causing health officials to change their advice to Americans visiting where the virus is present, and continues to raise the profile of a virus that the World Health Organization is calling a global emergency. Although the virus has been found in 20 countries, cases in the U.S. have been few and far between. If you’re still learning about the virus, here are some helpful links:

  • The World Health Organization’s Zika Virus Fact Sheet provides a short overview about the disease, such as signs and symptoms.
  • The Centers for Disease Control general information link provides a background on the disease, as well as links to other specific topics related to the Zika virus—such as for pregnant women.
  • The Public Health Law Network’s Zika virus primer provides a succinct overview of the Zika virus.

If you’re still interested in reading more, check out the following sources:

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