False Conflict: Who's in Charge of National Public Health Catastrophes (2006)

False Conflict: Who’s in Charge of National Public Health Catastrophes, published in Administrative and Regulatory Law News, v. 31, no. 2, spring 2006, p. 2-3, 14. © American Bar Association 2006. Reprinted with Permission.

Hurricane Katrina renewed an old debate concerning which level of government should lead the response effort to catastrophic disasters. Traditionally, emergency response is handled at the most local level possible. The National Response Plan (NRP) adheres to this tenet, while providing for extensive coordination between the federal government and states and localities, if necessary. In doing so, the NRP provides procedures to ensure that federal assets may be brought to bear, without stomping on the nation’s time honored commitment to the principles of federalism.

Keywords: National Response Plan, Hurricane Katrina, Commerce Clause, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, federalism

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Greenberger, Michael, "False Conflict: Who’s in Charge of National Public Health Catastrophes" (2006). All Faculty Publications. Paper 194. http://digitalcommons.law.umaryland.edu/fac_pubs/194

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