Dallas COOP Planning and Exercise Project

Over the past year, CHHS has assisted the City of Dallas in developing a comprehensive Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan. CHHS partnered with Tidal Basin Group to review and update Dallas’ previous COOP plans, conduct interviews, develop COOP annexes for over 40 Dallas City departments, and execute a full-scale exercise.

Carrying out a number of roles for this project, CHHS staff first conducted on-site interviews with several Dallas City departments this past January. During these meetings, CHHS engaged department leaders to determine which essential functions must be continued post-emergency event, and how those functions would be brought back online after a disruption.

Finally, CHHS helped plan and evaluate a full-scale COOP exercise in Dallas in July, 2015. The exercise was designed to test how City departments would relocate and resume essential functions after a large scale emergency – in the exercise scenario, a tornado took out Dallas City Hall. CHHS Senior Law and Policy Analyst Ben Yelin served as a controller and evaluator at an alternate work site for several city departments.

In conjunction with the planning and exercise phases of this project, CHHS staff helped develop training modules so that Dallas department leaders could continue to train their staff on COOP policies and procedures.

This text is taken from the CHHS Fall 2015 Newsletter

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