CHHS Public Health Program Manager Commends Vaccine Factory Proposal


By comparison, between 160 million and 165 million doses of seasonal flu vaccine have been made for this year’s season, a number that has been increasing in recent years, according to Earl Stoddard, public health manager at the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security.

The draft proposes an eight-year development period and 17 one-year option periods, a time frame Stoddard called “pretty aggressive.”

Plant production, he said, would likely be supplemented by other sources of vaccine in case of an outbreak, he said.

“It’s an innovative way to look at a problem that’s going to require a bunch of approaches to solve,” said Stoddard, who reviewed the government’s proposal. “It’s a good idea that increases domestic capability and helps small business. We’re talking about a massive problem and a number of agents that could be used against us.”

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