Law Review Article co-authored by Marita Mike and Clark J. Lee entitled “Katrina’s Animal Legacy: The PETS Act” (May, 2011).

Marita Mike, Rebecca Mike & Clark J. Lee, Katrina’s Animal Legacy: The PETS Act, 4 J. ANIMAL L. & ETHICS 133 (2011).

Katrina’s Animal Legacy: The PETS Act

Marita Mike, Rebecca Mike, and Clark J. Lee.

Textbook Chapter co-authored by Clark J. Lee entitled “Sleep, Law, and Policy” (January, 2011).

Jones, C. B., Lee, C. J., & Rajaratnam, S. M. W. (2010).  Sleep, Law, and Policy.  In F. P. Cappuccio, M. A. Miller, & S. W. Lockley (Eds.), Sleep, Health, and Society: From Aetiology to Public Health (pp. 417-434). Oxford: Oxford University Press.