Baltimore City Pandemic Flu Exercise

Tabletop exercise organized and hosted by CHHS is an overwhelming success as Baltimore City officials applaud the work of CHHS staff.


CHHS’ range of services includes homeland security and emergency preparedness exercises and training. In this capacity, CHHS can design, develop, plan, facilitate, and evaluate seminars, workshops, drills, and tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises to better prepare your organization for an emergency. Seminars, workshops, and tabletop exercises are discussion-based; drills, along with functional and full-scale exercises, are operations-based.  Baltimore City approached CHHS to design a tabletop exercise aimed at preparing top officials for a possible H1N1 pandemic. CHHS successfully designed a scenario and executed a tabletop exercise in September 2009.


The Baltimore City Pandemic Flu Exercise was designed to strengthen senior city officials’ understanding of local agencies’ respective responsibilities under the City Emergency Operations Plan and the City Pandemic Influenza Plan. The tabletop offered a forum for an open discussion among the city’s senior leaders, which underscored that preparedness and management of an emergency is an integrated partnership across agencies.

The exercise was held in a banquet room overlooking Camden Yards and boasted the attendance of Deputy Mayor Christopher Thomaskutty along with numerous heads of city agencies.  CHHS facilitated a discussion centered on Baltimore City’s response to two distinct phases of a theoretical H1N1 pandemic.  The facilitation uncovered key issues to be resolved to enhance response.  The CHHS team documented these key issues and made recommendations for improvement.

In a letter to CHHS following the exercise, a group of city officials lauded the “professionalism” and “vast knowledge” of CHHS staff, adding that “Baltimore will be a safer and even better prepared place” as a result of our work. A link to that letter is included below.


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