2014 MARCE – Public Health Emergency Preparedness Conference

We hope you will join MARCE and the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS) for the 2014 MARCE-Public Health Emergency Preparedness Conference. This year, the conference will focus on balancing the ability to conduct unfettered critical biological research on potentially lethal pathogens while ensuring that appropriate protective mechanisms are implemented to prevent accidental or intentional release of those organisms.

In late 2011, a media and political firestorm was created when two separate laboratories attempted to publish gain-of-function research that demonstrated how few mutations were necessary to transform highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 into a strain more permissible for human transmission. While the miscommunication resulted in a national debate, a ruling to redact certain details of the research in publication (subsequently reversed), and a significant policy shift in how such research would be managed, one of the more significant impacts was a renewed public interest in the types and risks of research being conducted in their communities. This year’s conference aims to assess the fallout of the new research provisions, the necessary safety and security relationships to protect the public, and discuss the current state of the balance between science and public safety.

As in past years, hotel and travel reimbursements will be also available and there is no fee for the conference.

For more details, and to register, visit the conference page.


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