University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus Security Exercise Series

As part of an ongoing campus security update led by CHHS Senior Policy Analyst Eric Oddo at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), the Exercise and Training team developed a series of six exercises to test university emergency response policies and capabilities. Two workshops and two tabletop exercises provided stakeholder groups within the University, such as the campus Emergency Management Team, the campus Office of Communications and Public Affairs, and the campus Executive Advisory Council, a chance to discuss their roles in an emergency at UMB. From identifying chain of command for decision making, to highlighting resources needed in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, each exercise produced results that will improve preparedness and response for an incident impacting students and staff on campus.

Two final exercises took place in September 2014. They were a shelter-in-place drill and a functional exercise to test the activation and operations of the University’s Emergency Operation Center. Each gave participants from various departments on campus the chance to interact and to practice response to a real-world emergency. The CHHS Exercise and Training team also recommended a timeline for future trainings and exercises that will help improve the overall preparedness of the UMB campus.

This text is taken from the CHHS Fall 2014 Newsletter

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