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The State of Interoperability in the States

With so much depending on reliable emergency radio communications, the managers of these systems and other people working in the field of interoperable communications need to be aware of incompatible and inadequate communication systems that can cause delays, confusion, and even loss of life; the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) mandates on narrowbanding and rebanding; and the pendin

CHHS Staff Members Contribute Cybersecurity Articles to ABA Webzine

March 15, 2012
Law Practice Today

CHHS staff members Marcus Rauschecker, Nishamarie Sherry, Peter Fox, Lori Romer Stone, Peter Suh, David Mandell, Karla Schaffer and Ulka Ghanta contributed articles to the American Bar Association's monthly webzine, Law Practice Today.

A new partnership

CHHS has gained a valuable partner in Towson University (my alma mater) for its work on Maryland’s two resource management projects for the FY08 Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program. Towson’s Center for GIS (CGIS) will be working with us on what we call Project 6: Key Resources.

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Gov. O’Malley gives kudos to CHHS

Governor Martin O’Malley gave the keynote address at the Maryland Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness today and announced the creation of the Maryland Civic Guard for Emergency

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