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PS-Prep: Better late than never for private sector preparedness

The tragedy of the BP oil spill has prompted lawmakers and leaders in emergency management to renew the call for private sector preparedness that emerged after the 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina catastrophes.

The BP oil spill and private sector disaster preparedness

Nearly two months into the devastating British Petroleum oil spill, the incident has released a public and political flood of anger and pointed questions regarding the responsibility of private entities to take on effective disaster preparedness, particularly when the consequences of a disaster have widespread public ramifications.

Oil, Emergencies, and Lawyers - What's next in the Gulf Catastrophe

Earlier today, BP officials expressed cautious optimism regarding their latest attempt to stem the flow of oil from a blown out well a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, even if the so-called “top hat” procedure is deemed a success, an untold amount of oil will continue to gush into the ocean, possibly until two relief wells are completed in about two months.

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