Public Health

The Public Health Division of CHHS focuses on employing our expertise to assist clients across a gambit of public health and healthcare emergency planning and response endeavors. Our team works across the entire spectra of emergency preparedness including strategic goal and plan development, creation and assessment of drills and exercises (tabletop, functional and full-scale), and assistance in real-time emergency response. We also aim to bridge the gap between science and policy issues by translating the details of scientific and health studies while at the same time realizing the broader impact of findings to influence positive change in policies that govern science and health-related practices. Finally, the Public Health Division assists public health agencies and hospitals in understanding the legal framework within which they must operate during an emergency response, as well as helping them to develop emergency operating procedures, policies, and strategies.


Planning, Response, Preparedness & Program Management

Develop emergency plans. Our public health experts assist state and local public health agencies and hospitals in creating standard operating procedures and emergency plans that enable them to function efficiently and prioritize services during an emergency response.

Prepare legal handbooks and guidance on best practices. By designing legal handbooks and best practices guidance, we help to educate representatives from public health agencies and hospitals on the framework of federal and state laws within which they must operate during an emergency.

Serve as grant and program managers for multi-million dollar projects, including reimbursement oversight, quarterly status reporting, grant maintenance and closeout.

Assist in real-time emergency response, including Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activations, pandemic influenza incident command structures within local health departments, and community events.

Exercise, Evaluation & Training

Prepare for disasters. We build compliant programs and effective exercises for hospitals and agencies tasked with providing public health services to be best prepared in the event of a natural (i.e., pandemic) or man-made (i.e., bioterrorism attack) disaster.

Be accredited. We evaluate preparedness and mitigation plans for hospitals in order to successfully accomplish the goals outlined in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), as well as the Joint Commission accreditation standards.

Ensure best practices. We guide clients toward successful compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), and various Continuity of Operations (COOP) training requirements and standards.

Moulage for Mass Casualty Simulations and medical response exercises.

Science Policy

Translate for the public. With our experience and diverse background in public health expertise, we help interpret the outcome of scientific discoveries by offering valuable insight into the implications of these discoveries for the public.

Provide direction. Our staff works with clients to interpret and implement new legislative directives to improve the care for members of the community, including those with functional needs or vulnerabilities.

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