Preparing for an Emergency: COOP Planning for Public Institutions (2008)

The State of Maryland’s goal is to implement a comprehensive and effective program to ensure continuity of operations of state and local government under all circumstances. As part of this effort, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is encouraging all state and local organizations to have in place a viable plan that ensures continuity of operations through a full range of potential emergencies.

MEMA, in association with the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security, has developed this "how-to" manual to assist state and local organizations in enhancing their continuity of operations planning. This manual covers the following areas:

  • Starting continuity of operations planning;
  • Identifying critical and essential activities and functions;
  • Determining vital records, systems, and equipment and a process to safeguard and update these items;
  • Evaluating needs and selecting an alternate work site;
  • Developing an effective communications plan;
  • Creating a procedure for reconstitution;
  • Preparing for the well-being of families;
  • Testing and executing the continuity of operations plan and revising it periodically as necessary;
  • Creating and Implementing an Incident Command System
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