Polk Award for 60 Minutes story “The Price of Oil” featuring Professor Greenberger

February 22nd, 2010

CBS News reporter Steve Kroft and producer Leslie Cockburn have been honored with the 2009 George Polk Award for National Television Reporting for “The Price of Oil,” a January 2009 “60 Minutes” story that explained how Wall Street speculation rather than supply and demand very likely drove record price fluctuations in oil markets. Professor Greenberger was interviewed for the piece.

You can watch the story online and read the script here.

Leslie Cockburn is also the co-producer and director of “American Casino,” a critically-acclaimed documentary that chronicles predatory lending and the subprime mortgage crisis from Wall Street to Main Street. Professor Greenberger was interviewed extensively in that film. The New Yorker film critic, David Denby, said “[Michael] Greenberger, a talented explainer, charts the development of more and more complicated and preposterous instruments, ending with credit-default swaps … His passionate exposition gives us the strongest emotional release we get from the material.”

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