Brittany Tang-Sundquist


Brittany Tang-Sundquist is no longer working at CHHS - for a list of current staff members see Our Team.

Brittany Tang-Sundquist joined CHHS in February 2012 as a Coordinator for the Exercise, Evaluation, and Training Team. Previously, Ms. Tang-Sundquist worked as Project Officer at the Center for Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Medicine (CDHAM), where she assisted in the management of education projects, conferences, and table-top exercises in support of CDHAM’s Emerging Infectious Disease (EID) Program. Before obtaining her position at CDHAM, Ms. Tang-Sundquist worked at the AFHSC as a travel manager and at the International Rescue Committee as an Advocacy and Outreach Intern.

Ms. Tang-Sundquist graduated from Dickinson College with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology in 2009. She is originally from Southern California, but currently resides in Baltimore, MD.


State Department Senior Crisis Management Training, Maryland DHMH Emergency Evacuation Exercises

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