FEMA to Radios: Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

August 16th, 2010



Recipients of FEMA’s Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program (IECGP) funds for FY2010 could be in for a surprise this year: jurisdictions that apply to receive funds to purchase equipment must also write and submit a Communications System Lifecycle Plan (CSLP). This plan should outline the six phases of the lifecycle of communications equipment: planning, acquisition, implementation, support and maintenance, refresh, and disposal.

As this is a new requirement for FY2010, the Eastern Shore Communications Alliance (ESCA), comprised of the nine counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the town of Ocean City, was one of the first to tackle writing this new type of plan. CHHS worked with ESCA’s Executive Committee and state-level interoperability experts to create one of the first Communications System Lifecycle Plans in the country. The CSLP outlined the Shore’s plans to enhance the Maryland Eastern Shore Interoperability Network (MESIN) by purchasing compatible equipment such as a mobile MESIN tower, handheld radios, and mobile radios for use throughout the Shore.

For more information on ESCA’s Communication System Lifecycle Plan or these plans generally, please contact CHHS Law & Policy Analyst Erin Podolny.

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