CHHS Staff Assist in Hurricane Recovery


Two members of the CHHS staff, Senior Policy Analyst Maria Bernadzikowski and Research Assistant Jonathan Lim are currently deployed assisting the victims of Hurricane Irma and Harvey, respectively.

Bernadzikowsi is deployed to Tallahassee, FL where she is working out of the State Emergency Operations Center to coordinate with the Volunteer and Donations Management heads in the Florida counties most affected by Hurricane Irma. She has also been supervising support under the Emergency Management Assistant Compact (EMAC) – determining assignments and tasks, coordinating with stakeholders, and fulfilling reporting requirements. She has also worked to provide AmericCorps support to affected counties.

Lim is currently stationed in Wharton, TX, about an hour away from Houston. He is part of a strike team performing “muck outs” and demolitions of flood victims’ houses. He has been promoted to strike team leader and assigned to a damage assessment team.

We are very proud to see our staff members dedicating their expertise to helping those affected by these hurricanes.

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