CHHS Receives $300,000 to Continue Delivering COOP Planning Course

CHHS is pleased to announce the receipt of $300,000 in continuation funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, Training and Exercise Division, to continue our FEMA-certified course “Preparing the States: Implementing Continuity of Operations Planning.” CHHS has now received almost $3 million for development and delivery of this course. We have trained more than 2000 participants in more than 65 jurisdictions since our course certification in February 2007. These new funding dollars will allow CHHS to continue deliveries through 2012.

This additional funding gives CHHS the opportunity to continue to provide the FEMA-certified “Preparing the States” course to states, localities, territories, and tribes, at no cost to the requesting jurisdiction. DHS awards continuation funding to programs which provide needed information and have a continued demand. Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning is a critical initiative in jurisdictions throughout the country. During a disaster or crisis, government agencies might not be able to maintain their most essential functions and services, which the public depend on, without comprehensive, well-written COOP plans.

“Preparing the States” is an in-depth, two-day course that gives participants the tools they need to create effective COOP plans for their organizations.

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