Brazil World Cup Preparations

CHHS Supports World
Cup Preparations in Brazil

CHHS is excited to support the Brazilian Secretary of Great Events in preparation for the 2014 World Cup. In early December 2012, Exercise and Training Program Manager Christina Crue and CHHS staffer Skip Mahan traveled to Brazil to lead a symposium and consult with government officials representing each of the Brazilian states that will be hosting the World Cup Games. The CHHS team worked with this group to develop a comprehensive exercise and training program and schedule to ensure that all public and private sector partners engaged in World Cup activities
are prepared. The seminar resulted
in the development of an exercise
and training plan, national exercise policies, exercise design support tools, and a comprehensive corrective action program to ensure continued growth for improvement. The trip followed a Senior Crisis Management Seminar held in Washington, D.C. with a delegation from Brazil in July 2012. CHHS looks forward to its continued partnership with Brazil and supporting its officials in future exercises.

This text was taken from the Spring & Summer 2013 Newsletter.


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