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Photo Credit: Trend Micro & Organization of American States A fundamental responsibility of State and Local governments is to protect critical infrastructure that preserve public safety, normalcy, and quality of life.  It can be a major challenge, however, for States and localities to determine how best to use limited critical infrastructure protection (CIP) resources to protect the thousands of publicly and privately-owned critical infrastructure assets that the whole community relies on every day.  By following the two actionable recommendations below, State and local governments can begin developing a strategic CIP program in their jurisdiction that will yield significant policy benefits. ...Read More
Photo Credit: Todd Heisler/The New York Times   A terrorist killed 8 and injured at least 12 in New York City on Tuesday when he purposely drove a small truck into unsuspecting civilians on a bike path.  After driving 20 blocks, the driver crashed into a school bus and exited the vehicle with what appeared to be two firearms before being shot by a police officer. An initial review of information about the attack raises several issues on which homeland security and emergency management professionals should focus to derive potentially compelling insights and strengthen public safety. Homegrown violent extremism. The ...Read More
Survivors, witnesses, loved ones, and other members of the Las Vegas community are already bravely navigating a plethora of evolving challenges to recover from the tragic mass shooting on October 1. Facilitating the recovery will be a major challenge for emergency managers, but they can craft useful strategies by reviewing available evidence from similar tragedies in recent history. Reports from the Washington, DC sniper shootings (2002); London attacks (2005); Virginia Tech shootings (2007); Santa Monica shootings (2013), and; Boston Marathon bombings (2015) provide a compelling body of evidence about lessons learned and best practices in recovering from a terror attack ...Read More