2011 MARCE Conference Promises a Robust Vaccine Policy Discussion

January 28th, 2011 by Trudy Henson

In his blog post about the 2011 MARCE Conference on Legal, Ethical, and Policy Challenges of Vaccination, Earl Stoddard outlined recent milestones and controversies in the vaccination field. Michael Willrich’s editorial “Why Parents Fear the Needle” addresses one of facet of this controversy—the public’s century-long resistance to mandatory vaccination—and why the resistance continues. Willrich concludes that when it comes to addressing public resistance to vaccination efforts, “education can be more effective than brute force,” and recommends a frank, on-going discussion with the public about the benefits and risks of vaccines.

Those attending the 2011 MARCE conference will have an opportunity to participate in just such a discussion, as panelists of public health responders and scientists engage the complexities of vaccine policy, manufacturing, and the anti-vaccine movement.

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